Ask any person who has experienced the vibrant Praise and worship led by Yaw Osei-Owusu and one word continues to emerge; anointed. Yaw Osei-Owusu, (whose parents have roots in Ghana) is a man devoted and passionate about his ministry as a Praise and Worship leader among the large African community in the United States and United Kingdom. He has affected the lives of many and continues to pursue his divine calling in life which is to use his voice of worship to draw the lost and broken into the presence of God.

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Yaw found joy in singing for the Lord at an early age during his upbringing in Northern Virginia, joining his local church choir and eventually becoming a minister of music and youth leader at The Church of Pentecost, an International Pentecostal church originally founded in Ghana, West Africa but attended by thousands of people in the African community here in the United States. The Church of Pentecost has a worldwide membership of 2.5 million people in Africa, Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and South America.

Yaw has been instrumental in his capacity as a Youth leader in mobilizing the next generation to serve God and has been instrumental in creating church programs that serve as an alternative to a wayward path. His role as Youth leader did not end whilst he pursued his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia and he was a founding member of the Liberty University campus ministry that continues to thrive after his graduation. One of Yaw’s successes is the annual “True Worshippers” music concert that he began a few years ago in Virginia bringing the youth together under one roof and fostering an environment of praise and worship where young people could experience the love and presence of God. The “True Worshippers” concert has become an annual gospel event and has now grown with concerts being held in Maryland, New York and Texas.

Yaw’s ministry continues to grow with the release of his first gospel mixtape last year titled, “The Audio-Biography of a Worshipper Chapter 1: My Passion” which featured the original single and music video, “High on High” which got 15,000 hits by its second week on YouTube. The mixtape also features a medley of worship hymns (sung in both English and local African dialect) he grew up listening to and singing in church. Yaw achieved further recognition for his efforts by being awarded as ‘Artist of the Year’ (USA/Canada) at the African Gospel Music Awards.

Yaw continues to tour the world as a guest singer and preacher at Youth conferences and Pentecostal conventions and is truly a young man who has “remembered the Lord in his youth”.  Yaw’s music accomplishments continue to grow and his distinctly soulful voice has won him the respect of many. His ability to invoke the power of the Holy Spirit to touch the crowds during his ministrations has helped many experience Gods presence. Yaw’s goal as an evangelist ‘singing the good news’ is taken from 1 Timothy 2:4 that “all men be saved, and come unto knowledge of the truth”. Yaw is excited about what is in store for him and his ministry as he makes the transition into the mainstream urban gospel market.


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